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Personal Coaching

For the Actor

Tailored to Your

Specific Needs

Ages 12 – Adult

Mona Wood-Patterson

Theatre Director and

Acting Coach


If there is another topic that you would like to have taught at your convention or festival, please free to contact me about designing a workshop to fit your needs.


You know how your body tenses up when you get angry?  The body and the mind are interwoven in more ways than we could usually realize.  Tapping into this connection is an exciting way to discover a character’s emotions and reality. This interactive workshop allows actors to explore the body/emotion connection with a dynamic approach. Come prepared to experience feelings on a whole new level.  For actors.


Making theatre in forms other than realism challenges audiences and actors alike. Based on the work of Bertolt Brecht, this workshop will help you tell your story in inventive ways. If you love to be creative and to think outside the box, this workshop is for you! For both actors and techies.


Creating and sustaining believable performances are among the actor’s most fundamental tasks.  Watching an actor overact is painful; being that actor is unbearable.  You’ll learn and practice techniques to keep your acting natural in this fun workshop.  Don’t ever be caught ACT-ing again. For actors


As the theatre director at Durango High School for over 20 years, Mona Wood-Patterson built a solid program that worked!  Directing a musical, running a troupe, and integrating the curricular with the extracurricular can be overwhelming. Come ready to gather ideas, show titles, and techniques from her years of experience and to share your ideas with other educators.  For teachers.



I can aso design a workship to fit your needs. Feel free to contact me if there is another topic you would like to have taught at your convention or festival.

Thinking Outside the FLAT

Are you tired of those traditional and boring box sets?  Do 90-degree angles make you want to gag?  We will explore how set designers and builders can use PVC, electrical conduit, stressed platforms, polystyrene, and luan to create a wide variety of textures and shapes of stage. 

*Paint, tools, and fasteners will also be discussed along with some information on safety concerns.

This Workshop SUCKS (PLASTIC)

Does Dracula’s vault need skull encrusted walls?  Do you need a really large, but lightweight mask?  Do you have one prop, but the script says you need ten?  Vacuum formed plastic can solve all of these problems.  We think of plastic as hard and even brittle.  But thermoplastic becomes magically pliable when exposed to heat.  You don’t need a $5000 professional vacuum-forming table to explore this exciting medium.  You can get started with a simple but effective homemade table. 

*The presentation will have a variety of slides showing projects and materials.  Sources for plans, materials, and advanced techniques will also be provided.

3D Makeup on the Cheap (or NOT)

So the director wants this sweet cherub-faced freshman to play an evil denizen of London’s back streets?  There are many cheap and easy ways to add a scar, a droopy eyelid, or a broken nose to add character to your character.  Materials, sources and techniques will be covered with a demonstration on an unwitting victim (participant). 

*Some information and slides will also cover prosthetic makeup for use in fantasy plays.

Building and Performing Puppets

This is a workshop for those of us who prefer to stay in the dark, but have a secret desire to perform.  We will explore a variety of puppet forms: shadow, glove, rod, marionette, and giant-sized.  Attendees will get some basics on puppet construction with tips on creating puppets from the very tiny to over twelve feet tall. 

*Students will spend some time on performance with a series of short puppeteering exercises for participants to engage in.

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